How to audition for adverts

Firstly remain calm, it's so important to make sure you come across to potential employers as being a confident person. There are many ways to prepare yourself for this type of audition and various techniques work for different people so try to find the one that suits you and use it.

The first thing you really want to do is do some research in to the employer, find out what types of adverts they film and get a grasp at what they may want to see in an audition. If the employer has given you some information on what the audition requires before hand then take time reading over it. Make sure you know roughly what they will be looking for. Some employers will give you a script before an audition. If they do so, it doesn't necessarily mean you MUST know it off by heart, however it will look better if you do. That way you are able to focus on your presentation rather than the lines, which in film is usually held higher in regards. What employers really imply by this is they want to see how much you have worked for this by practising the script and getting a role built up.

Whether you have been given information or not, a great technique to use for preparation is to sit of front of a tv and watch adverts. Now this may seem pretty straight forward, but a lot of people skip it out. Now when I say watch I mean in detail.

- How do the actors present themselves?

- Are there particular gestures they use?

- How do they use tone and voice to present the words?

Ask these questions for each type of advert of different genres i. E. Children's advert, tooth paste advert, perfume avert. They're all very different. Now you've watched, make sure no-one's in the house to avoid embarrassment and practise reciting an appropriate advert. Perhaps if you're confident enough recite it to another person and ask what was good and what could be improved. I know it seems patronising, but hey it works.

Ok, so now you're prepared to go in for that audition, take some deep breaths and calm yourself. You're going in there to be yourself and give it your all.

If you've been given a script for your audition, then there is no need to read any further. HOWEVER, if you're just getting the script as you walk in then continue.

Right, you've just been given your script, what you're in is a cold audition, which means where all the actors are given scripts on the day to do. Don't panic though, the employers aren't doing this to test ho the quickest at learning a script is, what they're looking for is how people:

1) Deal with the pressure of reciting an unprepared script


2) How you interpret the script within a short space of time.

Time management can be a key here, because you always want to read through at least twice before detailing it. Once you've read through it's time to break it up. First look at the script as a whole. Now this is where TV differs massively from theatre. The script will be short and will be a very much realistic presentation. You'll probably be a regular person which means you cannot be too over the top, but need to be loud at the same time, so think about your projection here. Next, you must think, adverts are trying to sell something, which therefore means that you must, and this is a must, sell the product you are given. If you don't make the employer believe it, why would anyone else. Really sell yourself here with you ability to use(depending on the genre of the advert)your wits and comic timing, or your ability to show raw emotions.

Finally. . . Wait.

That call will come, and if it's a no, then don't be disheartened.

Just keep perfecting your technique and you will go far.