How to audition for television


For me, the most fundamental aspect of auditioning for television and/or film, is to LEARN THE SCRIPT that you have been given. However, I am aware that sometimes this isn't always given out beforehand, and if you really can't get your hands on the script, keep an open mind and have a good read-through when you do finally get your hands on it. This will not only enable you to realize the point of the story, it will give you an insight into the characters you will be working with. If a synopsis is available to you, which it should be to give you a fair shot at your character when it comes to auditioning, then this will guide how you frame your character's personality and create a better delivery of character.


This is equally as important if the television show you are being auditioned for is already on TV; WATCH ALL EPISODES available to you at that time as this is a great easy-going experience that will get you into the feel of the performance. Especially in terms of accent and even the way you dress.


If you have access to your script then it is absolutely essential to analyse it. You have to write ALL over the script. Things to include: Stage Direction, emphasis, Very important/fundamental lines, Lines with humor or any other emotion, and Lines that include pauses, as we all know pauses can be extremely effective when used correctly (in regards to timing). This is essential as it's your basis to creating your character. You can't be expected to remember every little aspect and trait your character needs to include for an audition-perfect performance!


Generally you are asked to give your name, age and character you will be playing. However, if this information or any other info is not specified by the casting director or casting assistant then simply look straight at the camera, confidently and say your name, age, where you are from and character you will be playing the role of.


- Always, always, always turn up to your audition 10 minutes early, or even earlier! You are not a Hollywood actress that can walk onto set, or into an audition right on Que or even 5 minutes late, Therefore, accept authority and be humble.

- DO NOT let your nerves visibly get the better of you, if they do, then do not talk when unnecessary as I guarantee you will say something ridiculous and embarrassing to the point you'd actually feel like falling into a hole in the ground underneath you!

- In addition to the above, DO NOT tell them how much of a fan you are. DO NOT go on at them about how amazing the show is and how long you've been waiting to be auditioned. Be professional.

I always have to remind myself that we only live once - Don't let your self-esteem get you down this time.