How to avoid being taken advantage of by independent film makers

The problem with the independent film world in the UK is that the producers and production companies know they can get actors/actresses to work on their projects for free or very little money.

Alot of actors will work for free/little money and comfortably do a nude scene (which I am seeing more and more)

This is why you need to know your value as an actor, put a price on your talent and dont accept any less and do not do anything in a film or casting that makes you uncomfortable. Follow your instincts.

Always make sure you request the full script or sides BEFORE you attend the casting, see the level of nudity /if any required, check the character, story, do you connect with this role and does the film excite you?

When you attend a casting, always check the address, if its someone’s house, always let people know where you are going and take someone with you if you can.

When you get to the casting, be prepared, be professional, but be on your guard.

I know of instances where the director/producer has asked the actress in the casting to perform a strip tease so they can make sure the actresses body is right for the project(as nudity was required in the film) At this point ladies, you thank them for their time and walk out of the casting room.

Never ever do a nude scene in the casting room. No professional casting director/director or producer will ever ask you to perform nude in a casting, even if the role is 'topless woman in bar'.

If you are comfortable with nudity in an independent film, always wait till you are on a closed set. Make sure you get the respect you deserve.

You may get asked to send in images of yourself so they know you are comfortable with nudity, do not do this, they do not need to see naked images of you under any circumstances, believe me, I have known this happen many many times, 99% of the time, that movie never gets filmed. Once your image is with them, you have no control of where that image will end up.

If you are an equity member, always check the equity minimum rates for actors, there is a nudity clause and when nudity is needed you will be paid extra.

Know your worth and don’t accept any less. If you have fallen in love with the character and script and its very little fee, by all means do the film, but research the crew, know everything you can about them.

You as the actor are the most important part of this movie, without you, they dont have a film,