How to be a successful actor

This is a difficult question as every persons idea of Success varies.

Some want to be able to work in the profession they choose, make a living and that is their idea of success.

Others want fame and fortune.

Others want to be respected by their peers.

In my opinion working full time as a respected actor is being a successful actor.

This takes time, effort and years of hard work.

Its about creating contacts, getting seen by people, working alongside great crews who recommend you for other projects.

The key to being successful is knowing that with every job, every contact you can and will learn something. The more you develop your skill as an actor, understanding your strengths and knowing where your light is, the more people will recognise you and know you are a professional.

When you start out, gain the experience, watch and learn from actors who have been in the business longer, study their styles and their craft so that you can use their skills in your own way, absorb their knowledge. And always always always make friends with the DOP (director of photography) her/she is the one who will understand your lighting and what will make you look your best, ask your DOP questions (not during the take or on set) but after, he/she knows how to use the camera to the actors advantage. Take their knowledge so that next time you are on set, you don’t need to be told your point, you know where it is.

Success is all about working in good quality projects. Working constantly and being respected by your peers.

If you know what your doing on set and you do it well, success will come naturally and people will talk about you.

If your idea of success is fame and fortune then I would suggest a reality TV show, rather than acting. Good luck