How to become a movie extra

Becoming a Movie extra is possibly the easiest way to gain entrance to a movie set, it is a great way to get on-set experience of big budget Movies and TV. If your at the start of your acting career this is a great opportunity to see what kinds of pressure you may be under one day as an actor.

There are quite a few Extra agency's out there and this is where you will start. Each one has a registration period (usually the start of the year) where they will take on groups of people at a time depending on what films there casting for that year.

Firstly get a passport style photo of yourself or a family picture of yourself where your not posing so it shows the true you. and apply to one of these agencies:

# Mad Dog Casting

# Casting collective

# guys and dolls

# Ray knight casting

I wont list them all as you can search in Google "movie extras" and a larger list will appear, but these 4 are the top 4 in the country. Usually they post on the sites when there books will re-open for new artists or they will post specific types of people they are currently casting.

Apply to all of them or the ones you like the sound of, don't put all your eggs in one basket as it may be a while before they get in touch.

Each site has a Link to the registration page and this is where you will go to fill out your details, upload your picture and you'll become a movie extra in no time.

Also, don't be put off if your not perusing an career in acting, this work is open to anyone as long as your professional and take it seriously. Extra work can become fun on the big movies and you will meet some great people along the way, plus you get paid! the hours are long and mostly start at 7AM but its worth it for the experience.

Good luck!