How to become a supporting artist

One of the best ways to become a supporting artist is to join an agency specific to this. There are many agencies throughout UK offering work as an S.A and these can be found by doing a general search e.g. typing 'Background Artist' or 'Extra Work' into the internet search engine/toolbar and the area where you would like to do this. You do not need to be a model to be able to do this type of work as generally most productions require everyday people to be used as supporting artists. Once you have contacted the agencies you prefer it is a matter of waiting for the call back to go in for a short interview both to introduce yourself and meet the people who you will be working with. To ensure a better chance of getting to this stage, be as detailed as possible in your cover letter without making it too long and list your interests and other work you may have done similar to what you wish to do or personality traits which may be advantageous to this work. The next step is the interview: once you have spoken you will be required to sign a contract. A reputable agency will not require money up front as they make this from a percentage taken from the work you a given. Be careful who you go to see and be very cautious of anyone asking for money as that is not the case for most they will only usually accept you if they are sure they can offer you work. A small amount may be required for admin purposes and to have your photographs taken (professional and coherent with others on the website) and for them to be displayed- this is usually no more than £50 but which will be explained prior to being asked to sign a contract. Once you are signed you are good to go and will be asked to email your availability weekly to ensure a better chance of being put forward for work!