How to best present your acting credits

I always thought that quantity is best, but trust me, that is not the case.

After being in this industry and meeting/speaking with casting directors and agents the best and most effective way is to chop your CV down every couple of years.

If you have an incredible year with different credits from different mediums of the industry be selective about what goes on the CV.

For example, if you are pushing yourself or your agent is pushing you for film roles, dont have a CV full of fringe theatre credits. Target your CV for the jobs.

If you have done 26 feature films, yet only 3 have been officially released and distributed, I personally would only put those recognized credits on my CV.

Corporate work is where it gets a little more complicated, alot of casting directors unfortunately see corporate work as a 'normal' job and prefer actors to leave it off their spotlight pages, its brutal I know, but they see it as a non-acting job and therefore why would you put it on a professional acting cv. I must admit I have never had my corporate work on spotlight and I dont want to be seen as a corporate actor.

My advice would be, if you want to be taken seriously as an up and coming actor, take it off, unless a fringe theatre show had reviews and was seen by industry people, take it off, never ever put extra work on your professional acting CV unless you are only looking for extra/sa work.

Remember a speaking bit part in a successful series will make you stand out more than a leading role in a project that no one has ever heard of and that never got distributed.

Tailor your cv to which medium you are hitting.

Keep it should and striking.