How to build up confidence in dance

A lot of people wish to be what the performing arts world refers to as a triple threat, but if you sing and act, how do you build up you confidence in dance?

A quick, simple and fun way of doing this is to join a dance group. You can choose a specific type of dance group (ballet, street dance, jazz etc.), a level that's right for you (beginner, intermediate etc.) and you can attend as many sessions as you like. If you find the best dance class for you, you will be able to increase your confidence and ability while having fun and even making new friends.

Sometimes, people are too shy to try dancing in a class with other people, if this sounds like you then you could try teaching yourself dance at home and using online videos to increase your abilities. Try performing in front of your family and friends and gradually push yourself to perform in front of larger and larger crowds. This will increase your confidence in dance and you will improve along the way!

If you feel that you don't enjoy dance and are, therefore, unwilling to give your all, remember that there are lots of different types of dance you can try. Don't restrict yourself to just the "coolest" type of dance or what all your friends do, make up your own mind about your favorite genre. There's ballroom dancing, street dance, ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, break dance, jive, Indian dance and so many more so discover the one your most passionate about.

The most important thing to remember, however, is that everybody can dance! You may doubt your aptitude in dance, you may even have been made fun of for having two left feet, but the only reason that someone can't give their all in dance is that they don't believe in themselves. Trying dance classes, teaching yourself and exposing yourself to new types of dance you haven't tried before can all help give you confidence