How to chase payment for a paid job if the company don't pay you

Option A : scream and shout until you are horse. Stomp your feet for good measure.

Option B: threaten that your big brother/boyfriend/God will come and stomp on their heads.

Option C: Join Equity and calmly declare that you are their member and that the Equity's lawyer will be in contact very soon.

Equity provides free legal advice and support in disputes over professional engagements including non-payment and personal injury claims.

Members automatically have up to £10 million in Public Liability Insurance.

Members are automatically covered for accident and backstage insurance, and for just a few more of your hard earned pounds there's an extra accident insurance for dancers.

A Dance Passport provides Equity dancers and choreographers access to support and services from unions all over Europe.

There is also a large database of professional contacts and a resource centre provided for members.

Depending on your income, yearly fee starts at £113 (+ a one off joining fee of £26 )

Consider just the cost of hiring legal advice (which is most probably your only option in this situation)or buying a PLI and injury insurance from an insurance company, not to mention all the other services which are provided free with a membership.

In my experience(having had a few issues with payments from various employers over the span of my 10 years of performing),its worth every penny... and also - sign a contract! Hopefully it will include a cancelation fee if your show is called off as you may have had to turn down another gig after you got booked)

Or at the very least get all the details confirmed,(including your fee) and emailed to you. It's easier for the lawyer to stomp on their(proverbial)heads if there's some evidence of them booking you in the first place.

Learn from my mistakes!