How to choose where to study dance

Choosing where to study dance is a very personal and frightening task which we have all faced. In the UK alone our choices are endless as people battle it out for places and scholarships to schools such as The Hammond, Elmhurst, Performers and the list is endless.

Firstly; do your own research, yourself! Research what interests you and where you perhaps would like to study, not all dreams are made in London, and thats a fact. take advice but don't let yourself be pushed somewhere because your dance teacher thinks its 'perfect for you' as 8/10 times it wont be what YOU want.

Secondly; what genre(s) do you want to take further, its ok not to know straight away, if you prefer ballet to musical theatre, a musical theatre college may not be the way forward for you...

Thirdly; What have graduates achieved and what links does that institution hold, who are the teachers, does it do what you want and will it challenge you!

Fourth; Have a look... Attend an open/information/taster day, what do you have to loose but don't pay out £60 to audition if you wouldn't be happy there if you were offered the place.

Fifth; Ask questions! Get all your information and don't just read the surface information in the prospectus!

Your career is what you make of it, if you want to do rigorous dance training or something more holistic or academic? University dance graduates stand the same chance if not more out there than stage school graduates today. Ignore the myth! Choosing dance is a life-long commitment, dancing doesn't stop when we hit 35, many successful artists dance into their 80's. Will what you choose get you the career and the footing you need. You wont leave and be a professional dancer straight away no matter where you go, that's something you have to work on yourself. Do what excites you!