How to create a portfolio

It's seriously not that difficult! All you need is a bit of organisation and confidence and your ready to go!

Step 1!

.First you will need so videos and images of yourself doing anything that you have done in your acting career. Usually you need 10 or more to make a good and outstanding portfolio but if this is a problem...

. ...Film yourself doing anything at all! You will be surprised how many producers and directors love that kind of stuff.

Step 2!

.Gather all your videos and images and put them into categories. (e.g. Films, Theatre, Sketch, Portrait photos etc.) This will help you find the videos easier when sending off any videos of a particular genre. (Perhaps you are applying for a film and wanted to send all you film videos.)

.Plus it makes you look professional and organised if send the whole portfolio of your stuff to a director or something.

If you want to be extra awesome then merge all your videos together and making it into a small film portfolio, and you can edit it if you have the software for it.

Helpful Tips!

. Try getting different images of yourself that are professional and unique. Different images can give the Director or Producer different views. It will help them think that you can do any character that is given to you.

. Also using different videos can give the same effect.

. Want to find a cheap, good movie maker software? Windows has 'Windows Movie Maker' that is free and already installed on your computer. Macs also have a free software 'iMovie' that is also already installed on the laptop and has very advanced features that give a film a unique touch. . They are both easy to use and very good software!

Good Luck!