How to deal with any mouth noises

A really great job has just come in and you know you need to go and record it NOW...

You are warmed up, your script is marked up and you know how you want to deliver it but something isn't right. Your mouth is fighting you and your mouth sounds "sticky" and a bit creepy.

It's thought that mouth noise is generally caused by an excess of saliva in the mouth - something that the rest of humanity seems blissfully unaware of.

Firstly, to pick it up and hear it you are probably using a pretty decent condenser mic and decent headphones, that's good!

I have found that eliminating mouth noise doesn't happen 5 minutes before you step into the studio. It's best to start prep the evening before.

Here are my top tips

Day before

Cut your caffeine down in the evening

Get plenty of sleep

Hydrate with water

That morning

Keep drinking the water

No dairy (it's a toast day, I cut out cereal and milk)

Herbal tea (liquorice is best if you can stand it but I prefer jasmine)

Granny Smiths apples (it has to be them, you need the sharp vibe)

Just before you record, brush your teeth and take small sips of room temperature water throughout your session.

You don't want to dehydrate or be awash.

Warm up exercises are important to get that mouth moving properly - I find opening the mouth widely and also smiling and pouting alternately (a good look.

Follow these steps and all should be well..

If you still really need a quick fix and binged on cheese all morning.. I recommend grabbing an apple, a pint of water and brushing your teeth.

Back off your mic a bit and then when you record take your breath, open your mouth, pause and then speak and you should have a bit of clean air before your vocal.

It's part of being a VO and learning what your body needs to deal with it is all in the VO journey.