How to deal with audition rejection

From the get go you must realise that you will be guaranteed to face rejection regularly and in varying amounts when pursuing a career as a actor, but you must stay focused and learn to have a thick skin.

Think about it logically how many job can a stage actor do in a year? Maybe 4 to 6 at most and that means you only have a certain amount of time left in a year that you can audition. So if you going to do 15 auditions just think your probably not suited to about half of the castings. So really on an average year you might on be what the casting directors are looking for on a handfull of occasions. Bear this in mind when your going to an audition and if you do get rejected just remember your good enough but just not exactly what there looking for this particular casting. Often casting directers have strong images of what they are looking for in their minds and have decided if your what there looking for a s soon as you walk in the door. You might be too short, too blonde, too anything before you even open you mouth!

All you need is to get a few good jobs a year and once you've done that you'll find work a lot easier. The casting process will also become less intimidating once you've done it a few times but you must grow and keep challenging yourself as an actor. If your getting rejection after rejection after rejection dont give up but think about you 'the product you are selling' and what your lacking as a package. Go back and do a short refresher course and try and focus on making yourself as castable as possible. Also look at doing a audition technique class.

Acting is one of the most difficult professions in the world but also one of the most rewarding.

So many people give up before they have really tried.

Good Luck!.