How to deal with tax as a freelance artist

Tax is easy, not scary, I found that alot of people were completely daunted by the idea of taxes. What's important to know is that there is an allowance of £7,475 before you even have to start paying any money.

Keep all your reciepts related to your work and every month or so go through them, type them down on a spread sheet and make sure it's a rough idea of your outgoings. The same for paid jobs type them in too!

The tax man is only concerned with the big payouts that hopefully one day we all will get! The Tax return forms on the HM Revenue and customs website is very easy to follow. It's all about getting all the information organised so that you can easily put the information on the forms. So make sure all your income and outgoings are up to date. Work out your profit/loss amount, that will be the bit the government wants to know about the most. You may have had benefits and other paid employment (not self employed) too, this all goes down on the form just make sure you have the p45 form at hand, national insurance number, and dates of when you worked. You can save yourself and awful lot of money by not using an accountant. It may seem really daunting at first but I assure you it's very easy and the best thing is you can ring up your tax man for advise! He's great he really wants to help and sometimes things thats go down as expenses need to be worked out - such as electricity bills form working from home, travel costs, your car, special equipment, clothes, anything you need you should mention to him as it will ad to your expenses.

I have been doing tax returns for years, thery're easy peasy! good luck