How to decide which jobs to feature on your CV

This really depends on how long you have been in employment. You don't want to appear like you're having a complete career change if the jobs you have listed on your cv have nothing to do with the position you're applying for. On the other hand though, by having a solid work record it shows that you are showing initiative and trying to get on, even if you don’t think those jobs are significant enough to list.

If your previous jobs have nothing in common with what you are applying for, perhaps try and highlight areas of those positions that you think might be relevant to your future employer. For example you could include things like “worked as part of a team”, “attention to detail”, “worked to tight deadlines, under pressure” “reliable” etc. These are all positive attributes that employers will want to see evidence of, regardless of the position.

Another point to make is you don’t need to list all of your jobs since you started working. For example if like me your first job was as a supermarket general assistant, I wouldn’t think of that as an appropriate position now, since it has been over ten years since I worked there. Of course if that has been your only job till now then it would be important to include it, as there is always experience and skills that you can take away from it.

It is also worth including any volunteer work you have done, because potential employers will look on this with high regard, as it demonstrates your initiative for finding work in these tough economic times, whether it be paid or unpaid.

Coaching and tutoring can also be included, as these demonstrate your knowledge for a subject and your confidence, assisting others with your skills and knowledge.