How to determine your selling point as an actor, and use this to market yourself effectively

Play to your strengths and do not fear typecasting, it is always better to find employment than not as an actor, who is after all when unemployed, not acting. The more you do, the more you are seen and the more opportunities this will in turn create for you.

Evaluate yourself and try to ascertain what it is you most like to create, that which makes you most comfortable and which most fits your feeling and passion for creation when giving a performance and you are halfway there.

Do not fear competition for every actor is ultimately an individual as you are and therefore has their own individual strengths etc, so in reality there is no competition which should give you more confidence. Do the best you can and forget the bench marks of others, find the unique in you and capitalise that to the max and your chances will soar. It is about all about confidence without arrogance. Ultimately enjoy what you do and give no time to stress or unfounded worry, if your face does not fit today it will be perfect tomorrow.

When preparing for an audition, concentrate on how you will behave, not that of the others in attendance.

Research is always valuable but remember to take direction from the the casting brief, not how you feel it should be. There is plenty of scope for improvisation along the way where you can add you own particular touch of individuality and the more comfortable you are with the direction of others, the more they will in turn feel comfortable with you and allow room for your character to develop in a way that is both comfortable to you and which simultaneously plays to your strengths also.

Ultimately enjoy what you do and have fun always, a happy state of mind is the best one of all.