How to do a Skype audition

We all know it: Castings can be very last minute, they are time- and money-consuming and often no longer than a two-minute-in-and-out. What could be nicer than the offer of doing the casting interview via Skype instead? Well...not much.

It CAN be a nice alternative for everyone if you consider a few things: First of all, remember that setting up Skype takes a little while, you need the details from the person who is going to contact you to add him/her to your contact list and you want everything in place before they actually call. It's best to set up the laptop in a room with enough space. You're sometimes asked to perform a little something (a little dance, a jump, some running....) and you need the space to do that whilst still being in the picture. Consider if you have a secure and fast enough internet connection. Nothing worse than not being able to understand the Casting Director at the other end or if the screen keeps freezing. It's also important to speak very loud and clear. It is not the same as being in the same room with them, so you want to be understood and make a good impression. And finally: Choose a quiet room without any distractions from tv's or siblings.

From personal experience I think especially kids can feel a little intimidated by the whole Skype experience so maybe practice a chat on Skype with relatives or friends. They feel much more at ease when they know what to expect and are used to chatting to a computer screen. But as with every casting the most important thing of all is: Enjoy yourself!

So I hope this little article might help someone with their first Skype casting. Wishing you the best of luck!