How to do a video audition

Make sure you have all the equipment you will need for example: A good clear mic and a decent camera it would be wise to have a friend or someone you trust to help you film if you are moving when filming.

Location: I'm sure you will have some idea about what type of subject matter you will be filming like if it is contemporary drama, Classical drama and so on. If so Location is very important, it really sets the mood for the peace and helps to drew an audience in. So really think about your location.

Lighting is ether your best friend of your worst enemy on a camera so try to set the light's in a way that would complement the acting, dancing or singing that you are doing without taking away the detail of what your doing. Make sure you can see your face clearly if you are speaking into a camera for example.

Confidence is a very clear thing to see when you doing, anything that is filmed! You need to make sure you are super confident of your peace. So when the camera is on you, we as a audience can believe in what you are doing.

It is important to consider the content of what your talking, dancing or singing about is not to long. It is important to not rabble on for 15 min about something. Most people is will get very bored even if it is amazing what your talking, singing, or dancing about. Most audition videos are between 3 to 5 mins long it will change depending on the company or people your auditing for. They should give you an idea of how long to make it.

So As a short summary:

Make sure you have good equipment, that you have a suitable location for your audition within your subject matter. Make sure the lighting complements what you are doing and you, and do not exceed the length of film that is asked of you. If it is not specified then keep it within 3 to 5mins of filming.

Best of luck with your auditions