How to do well at dance auditions

The important thing to remember about dance auditions is the casting team are looking for a particular type of person; before you even enter the audition room, your chances of success have already been determined depending on if you do or do not match the criteria the casting team are looking for (certain height, hair colour). The key to success in auditions is to remember this fact before you enter the room, and accept that you just may not fit the specific criteria required this time. Positivity is key; give the best that you can.

Arriving in plenty of time, well organised and with a positive attitude is all essential; leave plenty of time if using public transport to allow for possible delays and, if visiting the studio for the first time, plan your route beforehand. The preparations prior to an audition will determine how you perform; well rested, organised and calm dancers set themselves up for a good audition.

Prepare both mentally and physically before the audition to put you in a positive mindset, and wear clothes in which you are comfortable and are flattering to your body shape; a bright colour or interesting pattern will help you stand out from the crowd of black dancewear. Similarly, wear your hair in a secure style which won't get in the way whilst dancing.

Different people approach auditions in different ways, some learning the routine at the back them progressing to the front when learnt, whilst others like to place themselves at the front immediately; chose wherever you feel comfortable to learnt the routine but make sure that you are visible to the casting panel at regular moments. Ensure you are clearly visible when performing in small groups, holding the end position for a couple of counts to show your control and commitment to the routine.

The most important thing to remember is to dance to your best ability whilst performing as if on stage; the panel want to see your personality, not what you think they want to see. An audition can be classed as a success to an individual if they performed to their best and held nothing back, regardless of the casting outcome. Being comfortable in audition situations comes with time, but the most important thing to remember is why you are there, why you love dancing and to not let a negative mindset, outside circumstances or other auditionees distract you from giving your best audition.