How to dress for an audition

How to Dress for an audition

The three important things of why you need to dress a certain way for an audition:

.For good first impressions

.To stand out from everyone else

.To show your profile and personality

How to begin your look

First think of your personality. What do you like to wear?

The thing to do is dress your age. And don't go over the top, this is not a dinner party. Dress simple and appropriately. DON'T WEAR SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU AND OTHER PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE.


When making first impressions most of us will cake lots of make up on. Remember you are trying to make a good impression! just add a bit of gloss and blush if your that bothered about your looks! You have been chosen to audition because of what you look like! Don't ruin it!

Just wear a simply dress or nice top and skinny jeans.

Shoes: Don't wear super towering high heels. just wear boots, converse or dolly shoes.

Tip: Dress like the character you are auditioning for!


Boys aren't like girls so there isn't really a warning for make up. But just make sure you dress confidently. But don't turn in a tuxedo! Just wear a shirt and jeans.

And TUCK IN THAT SHIRT LITTLE DUCK. Maybe add Converse or Nike to your look.

In summary, don't wear uncomfortable or inappropriate clothing. Wear simple clothing but something that creates a memory. Don't cake on make up or wear high heels. Tip: Try to look like your character that you are auditioning for.TUCK THAT SHIRT IN.

I hope this helps. This is 99.9% right that 0.1 is what you may add to your look. This could be adding jewelry or hair clip etc.

Good Luck! x