How to film your audition quickly and well

Backdrop: Plain, solid color. No obvious patterns. Don´t use a location. And never film outside. Nothing that will distract from you, standing out.

Webcams: Don´t use a webcam, they will make you look amateurish. Unless it´s a high quality one or one that you can tweak the settings for a high frame rate. If your camera has a timer, use it. Try out your iPhone, it may be better. If you are using an iPhone hold it landscape/horizontal, with the lens toward the top. Otherwise your video will be narrow or sideways.

Lighting: Use sufficient amount of natural lighting. Make sure that you face your light source. Avoid overhead lighting as your only source of light. Use two sources of light (two windows on either side of you or a combination of window and lamp or two lamps) Make sure no artificial light sources are in the background (ceiling light, lamps, spotlights). Do not position any artificial light source directly into your eyes. Tilt it slightly upwards. Take a photo first (of you in the filming position) to make sure the lighting is not too dark or too light. Adjust your position and/or light to avoid shadows on your face. Hold your head very slightly upward.

Sound: Make sure you´re in a quiet place. Depending on your microphone, even the slightest noises (washing machine and dishwasher motors, outside noises: e.g. car engines, airplanes flying overhead) will get recorded.

Framing: Make sure your face takes up half the frame or at least the majority of it. Avoid getting to close, unless you are instructed to, in the "sides." Avoid the "deadpan" look into the camera. You may look slightly off to the side. But make connection with the camera. Don´t stare at one spot on the lens. You need to come across as "actively" looking at the person who will be viewing you. As if you are reaching out to them. And not just being recorded on camera.

Video file format: Most systems will be acceptable. Follow the casting director/agency recommendations, if they provide any on the systems that they use. Otherwise, ask what systems are acceptable. Avoid WMV format, it may change the ratio of your submittal.

Video dimensions: Recommended width is around 720px and not less than 360px. If it is more or less, the viewer, may adjust it. Remember, the casting director or director views lots of these, so they have their own preferences.

Movement: Rest the camera on a stable location for the entire audition. If you have a tripod use it. Or since video auditions are getting popular you might want to invest in one. The flexible, table top ones are best for seated auditions.

Wardrobe/Make-up: Wear something in line with the character. Always keep your face in full view. Don´t ilm with a hairstyle that obscures you face in anyway. Avoid stripes, florals, large patterns, logos and all white, all black, all red. Shiny, lacquer, metallic or glittery, clothing or make-up don´t translate well on videos of this simple variety. If its a period character, you don´t have to go for full costume. Just elude to it, with some simple article (scarf, cap, hat, small jewelry). This is just like an in person audition. Remember the "decision makers" are viewing this, directly.

Always follow the instructions given, TO THE LETTER. Do not be tempted to experiment or "stand out" by veering of. If your video should be 3 minutes long. MAKE IT EXACTLY 3 MINUTES LONG or less. If it is longer, it WILL BE ELIMINATED. Co-operating with the directives shows that you can follow instructions and regard them as important.

If in doubt about anything, ask. The casting agents will provide you with clarification and further directions. They are looking for the actor to fit the role and they want to help.