How to find a voiceover agent

In a nutshell new voice-over agencies look for what they haven't got... or that which they are lacking. Their aim is, after all, to make money out of all their artists so they don't want any 'overlaps'. If you can prove to them that you fill a gap - as it were - then you stand a good chance of getting onto their books. Perhaps you can do a particular accent that they don't have like Mandarin or South American…or perhaps your regular speaking voice is unusually low or high…and you can reach places other voice over artists cannot reach..!? In this country, you stand a good chance of getting onto an agency list if you can speak a different language (or different languages) fluently….or, better still, if your native accent and language is other than English. After all…there's always translation work and dubbing to be done and there's also foreign voice overs!

A new agency…one that has just been set up…is more likely to take you on than an established agency…since, after all, they are looking to build up a talent pool. You have to bear in mind though that they may not have the clients or contacts that older, more established agencies have.

Sometimes agencies look for versatility. The more range that you can show - in terms of pitch, pace, accents, styles and characters - the better!

Finally, agencies may just be looking for that special something. They may not know what that something is until they hear it! So…it's worth plugging away. Who knows you may one day be discovered like Ted Williams - the homeless man from the United States with a deep, refined voice. He became an overnight sensation after being 'discovered' by a local reporter on a street corner in Columbus, Ohio. True…it wasn't an agent who discovered him... but it might've been!