How to find accommodation when working away from home

A lot of the time when working away from home your accommodation will be provided or a digs list will be sent to you for you to organise it for yourself. Digs lists are usually full of people with a spare room who have contacted the theatre and specifically asked to be included on the list themselves, so they won't mind being called up to talk about it. You can even haggle!

I've been in the situation before where everyone on the digs list was full or no longer wanted people to stay. If that happens don't be afraid to ask if they know of anyone else who would be interested in renting you a room, it can work out well.

If for whatever reason the above doesn't happen you still have other options. If you are only staying for a few days and you know long enough in advance it really can be easiest and cheapest to book in with a budget hotel, they sometimes have very good deals on and it's worth checking out.

If you aren't working for a theatre or the company doesn't have a digs list (although I've never known this to be the case) see if there are other theatres in the area, explain the situation and more often than not they will give you their digs list.

This one may sound obvious but a lot of people don't utilise their family and friends. Put the word out that you need a room for however long it is and you never know, great aunt Mable may have a distant cousin in the area with a spare room. It's worked for me. Social media sites are another great way to spread the word quickly, so ask on there once every couple of days to ensure all of your contacts are actually seeing the message. People like to help. A very famous social media site even has dedicated groups for actors looking for digs too.

Equity has it's own digs list for the whole country and is worth looking at. They are usually all recommended by people who have stayed in the past so you can be fairly certain you will have a good stay.

I've also got lucky by going onto sites that are used to find more permanent rented accommodation, got in touch with the people listing the adverts I was interested in, and struck a deal with them for a shorter period of time. They would rather have someone in there than not, so they sometimes don't mind putting you up for a month or two while they find someone more permanent.

I was getting pretty worried before one job and contacted the local paper of the area I was going to. As the show I was doing was being talked about locally they were actually considering running a short article to find me somewhere to stay. If you are getting desperate a little creativity can really pay off!