How to find acting work in your area

As an actor what could be better than working in your own locality? Obviously some areas have more of a demand for actors than others but there are some steps you can take to find the work that is out there.

1. Use search engines - it may sound obvious but start looking for work in your area, look for local actors networks on social networking sites, these are always advertising for actors.

2. Get to know your local uni - Towards the end of the year film courses are always looking for actors so send off your CV, you never know if you might be just the person they are looking for for their production.

3. Create a free website - advertise yourself in your local area, put the link on the local theatre and film sites you found. There are loads of free internet website providers and its a great resource to have.

4. Network - This is arguably one of the most important things baout our business so get out there and meet other actors, film makers, theatre companies - you never know where the next job might come from. Networking events are normally free and can be a lot of fun so take your business cards and meet people. If your area is short on events - make your own - be proactive!

5. Events - go and see as much theatre and film as possible, places like this are filled with other artistic creatives and you can stay ahead of the acting styles. These venues (theatres and arts venues) normally have mailing lists too, get on them as sometimes they let you know about auditions in your area.

If all else fails, and there isn't any work in your area make your own. Not only does it give you an opportunity to stretch your acting muscles and get you profile known but if you can showcase your area you may attract others to want to make work in it.