How to find good audition material

One of the best methods of discovering good audition material is seeing it for yourself at the theatre. New plays always contain innovative material, some of it you might not like but some of it you may connect with and feel that you can perform it well yourself.

At the Royal Exchange for example (and many other theatres), you can usually purchase a copy of any of the plays currently in production. This is a wonderful opportunity to get hold of any material that may have impressed you on the stage.

When looking for audition pieces, it is always a good idea to see as much theatre as possible, as you never know when you might spot that perfect monologue.

It is often the case that those you are auditioning for will be familiar with well known and older plays. Some audition speeches are constantly repeated and become more and more uninteresting for the people who have to watch them over and over. New, fresh material on the other hand has a much higher possibility of engaging or captivating an audition panel.

Another key method for finding great material is simply to read as many plays as possible. You will find that the more plays you read, the greater your ability to recall a good monologue when the occasion arises. This will also enhance your knowledge of plays and playwrights which is never a bad thing in any audition situation.

When searching for new material, take advantage of your local library. You will be able to acquire new writing at most libraries that you can read until you come across a suitable audition speech; free of charge!

Classical speeches can be easier to find, especially Shakespeare. Most of Shakespeare's best monologues can be found all over the internet, but bear in mind that the most popular of Shakespeare's characters (Hamlet, Macbeth, Ophelia etc) will have been seen a great deal of times.