How to find musicians to work with

Ask...... If you feel your music is strong and you want to collaborate with someone else on the same calibre then asking is your main option. The world we live in gives us the opportunity to make contact with other musicians in a way that could have only be dreamed of years ago. The internet has opened up an entire catalogue of music that wouldn't be available if artists didn't network and meet 'virtually'. People may not get back to you or they may have simply missed a message but if you contact someone you feel you can engage with and collaborate to a level that will benefit you both then you will see the advantages.

Do however make sure you keep certain things in mind. If you are trying to work with a major artist and you have only just purchased your first instrument or DAW you may want to set your sights a little lower. Make sure you can bring something to the table or you may be ignored.

Alongside this make sure the artist or band you want to partner with can bring musical inspiration to both of your tastes. Someone who is making Dubstep will find it hard to work with someone who composes Classical music. The two won't understand one another's music and this will lead to an unproductive relationship. In short try not to over step the boundaries too much when approaching someone, at least not initially.

Finally, be open. Although above I mentioned that a classical composer and Dubstep producer would find it hard to work alongside one another that doesn't mean genres' can't cross over. If you want that rock sound to beef up your latest Drum and Bass anthem then look around. Samples are a great way to find sounds from other genres but if you are looking for something specific then it's always worth getting a helping hand. Whether it be a full collaboration or a simple feature working with others opens up an entirely new light on your music.

So there you have it, don't be shy just ask :)