How to find work as a pregnant actress

Firstly, take care of maintaining a reasonable level of fitness. This will reassure potential employers that they can use you without seeing your pregnancy as a hinderance. Furthermore, this will make you feel better about yourself and help you project a positive, confident image. It is important that you relish your condition (whatever it may be), rather than seeing it as precluding your chances.

Look out for roles specifically containing pregnant characters, but with a fit body. Pilates is the way to do this. I know this first hand as women whom I have taught keep on maintaining their fitness and their movements are still agile.

There may be commercials, promoting something for pregnancy. so, if you represent that fit pregnant woman image, you would be suitable for that role.

Besides, even if the character is not a pregnant woman, with your fitness at the top and a bit of a costume, you could be acting the part of someone a bit round figured.

With regards to symptoms during pregnancy, such as tiredness, maintaining a regime like Pilates for pregnancy would increase your stamina and your breathing capacity. This will guarantee a bigger oxygen intake, which will work marvels to combat tiredness.

The other big benefit to consider is the pelvic floor work you would be doing in Pilates. Strengthening this is priceless. This would make you feel more confident. Remember that as the pregnancy progresses, the foetus weight presses on the bladder and there is major strain on your pelvic floor. Besides, these muscles are designed to pick up on nerohormonal messages to become lax (in preparation for labour and delivery). This ends up making you feel like you would need the toilet constantly; in turn your confidence would be affected. To take care of this is therefore imperative.

Confidence is ultimately the biggest trait to promote for your acting.