How to get a good headshot

Get ready folks, those hours spent in front of mirror are going to come in handy. If you haven't already done so and why the heck not, don't tell me it's because you're shy! Get posing. Find your best side, and best pose. Do you look better smiling or with a dramatic stare? Think about angles, everyone has a double chin, you'll want to hide that, and your five o'clock shadow under your eyes, if you've been out drinking the night before. Watch those raised eyebrows they may just draw attention to your frown lines. Guess who's shy now! It's okay, I recommend having a play around amateur like before hand, get a friend to take some pictures and see which poses and light make you look like Clooney! When choosing a light or dark background, don't worry a good photographer will be able to help you out with this. Most agents have photographers they would recommend and like their clients to use, so start there. Ask around, dressing room conversations are notorious, so rub shoulders with your cute cast mate and ask who did their headshot, believe me they'll love the compliment! No it's not okay for your brother's uncle twice removed, to take your professional headshot that's on it's way to every casting agent in the country, unless he knows what he's doing. Learned that lesson the hard way! You will also have noticed we're moving toward color, one hundred years delayed, but at least it's happening, however be aware some traditional agents and websites will prefer a black and white photograph. And finally your face just isn't enough, think background, think edgy. Nothing too obscure but they'll love a bit of greenery, a bit of brick. Use your imagination. In fact on the whole that is my final piece of advice. Casting agents, and directors see hundreds of thousands of photographs, make sure your's stands out and brings out your best feature.