How to get as much acting work as possible

The best way to get as much acting experience as possible is to start small. If you try and set your aims to high to begin with, you are unlikely to progress and you will be reliant on a lucky break. Don't be arrogant by only being interested in auditioning for hollywood movies. You will soon realise that the industry is a lot larger than that and there are many more ways to be successful in it.

Starting Out

Start with unpaid work and amatuer dramatics, this will allow you to "get your face out there", so to speak, and increase you acting experience for more oportunities in the future. Student films are a great way to increase your experience, as many aspiring writers and directors of the media sector are always looking to cast actors. Although this work will be unpaid, be sure to ask whether you can get a copy of the final product, as this could be valuable material for your showreel.


Go for auditions everywhere, if you are contacted by someone asking you to go for an audition, it would be best for you to accept. First, check the validity of the company, sometimes there are fake advertisements posted and some are not legitimate. Do the initial research on the company and production if possible, it will improve your chances of being cast as it shows you are serious about your field. Don't take rejection personally, every professional actor would have recieved rejection at some stage of their career, it goes with the territory of performing. Be persistant, if you are rejected from a few productions, don't worry. It does not mean that you are not a talented actor, it simply means that you were not right for those specific productions. Remember that the casting director is looking at the overall picture of the performer.


Once you've gathered enough credits and material, it would be best to create a showreel, so that you can showcase your experience in a creative way. A showreel is a video which documents your experience as a performer, many showreels can be found online so look to see various ones to get an idea first. A casting director is always looking to see how an actor looks on screen as part of their casting briefs.


A headshot is a vital tool to showcase yourself. By having one, you will instantly increase your chances of being casted or called for an audition, as it is one of the first things a casting director will look at. It would be best to get these done professionally, as you would want to show off your neutral look to the best quality. One or two black and white images and perhaps one colour image would suffice. Do not use images which you have taken from social networking sites, such as images where you are seen posing or making inappropriate facial expressions.

C.V''s and Portfolio's

You should look to create your acting C.V, very much like you would create a normal C.V. Most auditions you go for may not ask for one, but it is always better to be prepared for anything, so that you give yourself the best chance possible of succeeding. Another way you can showcase your experience is through a creative art portfolio, depicting your work through an artistic and visual medium.


Take as many acting classes as you can, sometimes you can find free or really cheap workshop classes from experienced actors. This will improve your acting abilities and will enable you to gain more contacts through experience of working with other professional actors.


Enrol yourself into as many related courses as possible to enable yourself to be as qualified as possible. Again, this will improve your acting abilites and especially improve your job prospects.


Once you have gained enough acting experience, it would be best to seek getting an agent. An agent is someone who represents an actor and will put them forward for job oportunites that they seem fit. This will take less stress off you to keep finding job oportunites and you will be able to spend more time in improving your craft and enhancing your audition techniques.


As you continue to meet more and more people in the industry, it is vital that you keep contacts as this can save you money and also increase your future casting oportunities. For example, supposing that you had previously worked with a student in a media course and in the future you wanted to make a showreel. You could ask the person if it would be possible for them to help you to create a showreel. If you have displayed yourself as a dedicated, hardworking performer, they are more likely to do a favour for you in the future.

Never give up

Always remember that persistance is the key here. If you have a drive to succeed and not aim your hopes too high to begin with, then you have a excellent chance to gain as much acting experience as you desire.