How to get corporate acting work

Over the years I have done many corporate jobs.

Casting call pro os actually a really good place to source corporate companies and jobs.

What the companies seem to like is if you remember them and you keep in contact with them over the months or years.

For example I had a job through CCP years ago, when CCP first started out in fact, after that job, I contacted the company every so often to see if they had any other projects they could use me in, 90% of the time they did, they just needed that reminding of who I was and what project we worked on together, all these years later, I still drop the same company and email now and again and I still get cast in their projects.

I also started to google search companies who did alot of corporate work, I sent them personal emails with my CV link, showreel and headshot (small jpeg size) and asked if they were working on anything that I would be suitable for.

Remember that 'Corporate' covers a wide range of different jobs, from short training videos for companies, live exhibitions, in store demos, online website use for trainers, business events etc, it covers a wide range of jobs which most of the time pay really well. So its worth contacting companies and staying in with them. Many a time have my old contacts saved me from not being able to pay my rent, by just a quick polite email.

Another good tip is to speak to your non actor friend, ask them for their HR training teams contact details, (every company has a HR training team) drop them a nice, polite email saying you are experienced in corporate work/training and would like to get involved in any corporate external videos, ask which external companies they use and contact those companies directly. Sometimes they wont reply, but if you send a nice enough cover letter, 50% of the time they will reply with who their external contact is.

Corporate work pays and keeps you afloat when you may need the money most.

Good luck