How to get discovered as an actor

There are a few key tools to helping you become discovered as an actor.

Tool 1 - Get yourself a good headshot. Your headshot is your business card. Something everyone, I mean everyone will ask for. Remember you are selling yourself, so you want the photograph that shows you at your best. There are a few simple rules to this, typically its a "10 by 8" size photo, traditionally in black and white, however more so now in color. Ask you photographers advice, if in doubt have both.

Tool 2 - Update and Upload a current CV. This doesn't include your Starbucks Saturday job. This is a list of credits. This includes credit while training and student films, if you are just starting out. We've all been there, and if you are new to the game I suggest you do a few student films to get something on screen to show.

Tool 3 - Get a good showreel. I suggest you get someone you trust or has been recommended to you to help put this together. This doesn't have to be a full length feature film. Just a few different emotions to show your range as an actor, you interacting with a few different characters and in a few different settings. You don't even have to do well known scenes, use your skills, improvise! I suggest you take a look online at some good ones already out there on some of the casting websites to get some ideas.

Bringing me to my next point, I personally find the casting websites invaluable. I use them all the time for work, you'll also get a familiar idea of specific companies, what they look for and what style and type of shows they produce. And for the inquisitive, you can spy on the other actors!

Do a mail out, invite agents and casting directors to see you in something. Once you have an agent, make sure they are doing all they can you be seen. I know every job my agent puts me up for and they do it on a regular basis. If only you get a gig once a year, move on! They're hurting you're career, not helping it!

Consider training. There are plenty of Drama schools out there and degrees to choose from. Good Luck, enjoy the process and see you in the audition room.