How to get feedback from voice over artist employers

Many employers of voice over artists do not like to give those that don't pass the audition process any feedback. The same sometimes applies to those actors they did take on board. You finish the job, the employer is too busy getting on with editing or promotion of the material and they forget about little old or young you.

As you all know feedback is important in any type of job whether it be voice over work or on screen acting. It is very easy for an employer to say. "He/she is not what I had in mind!" Obviously, these employers are extremely busy people but a simple piece of feedback rather than just the standardised reply, "the employer has chosen another voice" would be helpful.

Deep down many people in the acting trade are kicked back regularly, more than any other job. Imagine asking the same boy or girl out on a date after he or she has said no for the 15th time. Well, going from employer to employer and getting turned down is a real kick in the butt but you have to lift yourself and continue the path. So, for this reason, feedback is very important because you may be hearing No! and it may just be a few simple changes to become the better artist you need to be.

How do you get the employers to always give you feedback? If you don't mention it then they won't usually give it. So the main rule is to ask for feedback as you audition for the job. Also tell them to let you know either way and to not hold back if they see or hear anything out of order. Most employers if they're nice will give you the feedback you want. Some may not but for any feedback you do get, good or bad, it will keep you steering in to the wind of success rather than getting blown away by the ferocious silence of lack of feedback.