How to get into extras work in TV or film

Extras Work believe it or not is much easier to get in to than you might think!

Every day hundreds of people are making a living from doing all sorts of different extras work!

The easiest way is to sign up to one of the online websites who specialise in getting extra work. Before you sign up however you will need to do a few things in preparation to answer some of the agencies questions:

1. Measure your self from top to bottom; the agency will want to know your height, weight, shoe size, waist size etc etc.

2. Describe yourself; the agency will want to know what colour hair you have, what colour your eyes are, if you have an athletic build or if you are over weight - don't be put off by listing attributes that some people may not think of as being desirable because the great thing about extra work is that absolutely everyone could be right for a role because extras tend to represent normal every day life. So fat, thin, short and tall people are always in demand.

3. Special Abilities; this is what will make you stand out from the crowd - is there anything that you can do that makes you different from everyone else. e.g. Can you act? sing? dance? play an instrument? speak different languages? speak in different dialects? ride a horse? stage fight? The more things that you can do - the better!

4. Take or (get a friend or professional to take) head shots of yourself. The agency will want to see a photo of you so that they can get any idea of whether you are the right look for the role. It is a good idea to take a few different shots of you with different hairstyles so that the agency can see the differences and your versatility. Gents you may also consider having facial hair in one of the shots.

Ok so that about covers it once you have followed these steps you are half the way there. Next you will need to find projects that are looking for extras, these projects will be posted on the website and they are likely to have people looking for you whilst you are looking for them but by doing your own searching you can ensure that they find you. Once you have found them simply apply and if it asks for a covering letter make it short but sell yourself by decibing how you are perfect for the role and crucially that you are completely available for the whole shoot (if you are not DO NOT apply because it will get you a bad reputation in the industry if you apply for things that you can not make the whole duration of - the last thing that you want is for you name to be remembered for the wrong reasons)