How to get into radio work

As a very close friend of mine has just landed a radio presenting job on a global radio station on prime time I feel I can give some advice on this.

These are the exact steps she took to become a radio presenter.

Firstly and most importantly a voice reel. This doesn't have to be expensive. Most laptops have programs where you can record a demo and edit it together. There are so many samples online that will give you great ideas.

Get radio experience by volunteering yourself at a hospital radio. They encourage new talent. You will gain great radio experience, build confidence and can also use bits for your voice reel. A lot of radio presenters started in hospital radio so don't turn your nose up at it, it can be very rewarding.

Then contact your local radio station. A lot of them offer unpaid opportunities where you will gain valuable knowledge of the radio industry. My friend started out by doing the travel updates at peak times. Gaining a hands on insight into the professional world of radio. If you are lucky enough to get this opportunity then show your interest, enthusiasm and willingness to learn from the radio managers and presenters. As these are they guys you need to impress and the job that you want. It was from working here for a few months that she was given the chance to prove herself by assisting on a show as a co presenter. From this she was offered her own show on a Saturday night for a couple of hours. After proving herself she also became the stand by for the peak time breakfast show if anyone was off.

Again building up her experience, voice reel and confidence in the radio industry. This lead to her getting an agent specialising in this area and sending her demo's to the right people.

She now has an amazing job presenting on a top radio station.

It wasn't easy. It took a a good couple of years giving up her free time to radio stations and working her way up from the bottom to the top but the experience she has gained has proved to be very valuable. So throw yourself out there, gain the experience and get in touch with smaller radio stations as a lot are more than happy to take on actors with potential for unpaid but valuable opportunities.