How to get into stunt/action work

To do Stunt work in Television & Film you will first need to be a member of The Equity Stunt Register.

See equity, this is the only way to get Stunt Work. You will need to train in 6 disciplines relevant to Stunt work, training will take around 3-5 years and cost around £15,000 - £25,000 which you will have to fund yourself.

Once you qualify you will be accepted onto the Stunt register as a Probationary member and will only be able to do Stunt work supervised by a Full member of the Stunt register. Full members of the Stunt register are fully qualified Stunt Co-ordinators.

There is no short cut to be becoming a Professional Stuntman or Stunt Woman.

This is a very dangerous occupation so one will need to always be in peak physical condition and also have a high lever of intelligence as one will be required to attend production meetings at the higher level of Stunt Co-ordinator and will need to have good communication skills to negotiate with Producers and complete detailed Risk Assessments to comply with HSE Employment Law.

You will need to dedicate allot of time and hard work to your training as gaining the 6 disciplines is very difficult so one really needs to be serious about choosing Stunt work as their occupation.

Gaining acceptance onto the Stunt register is no guarantee of gaining work, some member gain acceptance and get very little work.

As with this industry it is very volatile so a Probationary member of the register is encouraged to attend observation days to watch other Stunt Professionals at work, to help them gain knowledge and experience in their chosen career.

Stunt work is a very rewarding job both financially and personally it give you great value and being able to make a contribution with an amazing Stunt that will be seen by millions of people is very rewarding.

See for an example of a Professional Stuntman & Stunt Co-ordinator.