How to get medical roleplay work

A medical role is the term used for actors who play patients for a Doctor's exams. As Doctors study for several years there is great importance on these exams, the actors selected for the medical role must be professional and serious about giving a realistic performance; they must remember the key symptoms for the specific illness and have good improvisational skills. The good thing from a performers perspective is that this patients span around all casting types, shapes, sizes and ages therefore there is work for all.

Gaining a patient role for a Doctors medical exam is an excellent opportunity to practise your acting skills and also gain income (they tend to be well paid). The best way to secure work in this area is via your acting agency who may have a contract with the various Hospital Education Departments or to contact your local hospitals direct and offer your services as an actor. Either way you need to be prepared to attend improvisional group auditions in order to gain a role, remember the casting directors are not looking for over the top "stock characters" you find running around with a zombie virus in the average horror film, the emphasis's is on realistic patients admitted to Hospitals on a daily basis. You may have a scenario where your patient is trying to hide their illness, or is suffering from shock or has an illness as well as an alcohol addiction; if selected you will be heavily briefed with the symptoms for the illness, site of pain and what characteristics/ attitude / emotions you are to display . The actor must be able to remain in character throughout the exam regardless of what situations occur, and must refrain from trying to help the trainee doctor's with concluding with the illness and treatment.

It is good to have an idea of when the Doctor's exams are occurring as it is usually twice a year, and too contact your agent or relevant hospital before this time frame.