How to get my acting work seen by industry professionals

People tell you all the time that if your finding it difficult to get an Agent or get auditions, to put on your own work. But it isn't always easy to get Industry along to see it, especially if they have no idea who you are. However there are a few things I have learnt over the years, you can always perform in an Industry showcase, The Platform only costs £50 to take part and they send out industry invites on your behalf. Other companies that run showcases include Monologue Slam, The Actors Guild and Surviving Actors. If you are involved in a Fringe Production it will work in your favor if the show runs longer than a week, that way people are more likely to be free to attend. I have found a good way to meet Casting Directors, Agents or Directors is to regularly attend classes and workshops, then when you invite them to your work you will already have a connection with them as appose to being a complete stranger. The Actors Guild offer reasonable workshops as do The Actors Centre and The Platform (I'm sure there's more out there too.) Don't be afraid to chase invites up with a phone call, if someone hasn't responded to your email/letter the likelihood is that they simply haven't read it. Some Agents/Casting Directors can be funny about follow up calls so I recommend you purchase the 'Actor's Handbook' It's similar to contacts but it contains information provided by the Agent/Casting Director about their preferred method of contact and whether they are happy to receive follow up calls. Another thing, people don't like to travel far to see shows, performing outside of Zone 2 (if your London based) will probably prevent Industry from attending. If you can offer anything such as a free drink or food then that may also up your chances of getting them in. Finally if you feel lost and don't know where to start I would suggest you attend Perform Exhibition or Surviving Actors, there you will find a number or Industry professionals exhibiting and offering their advice, you can usually attend cheap or free workshops with some great people and companies too. Just take a look at their websites to see when the next shows are taking place. I hope you find this helpful!