How to get noticed by TV casting directors

I had several workshops with bigger and smaller Casting Directors and they all said that they CAN be contacted via normal routes (most prefferred emails versus traditional post), however the email / message has to be succint and to the point - if you have a good script or are starring in a theatre show or the movie you starred in just got released simply convey the message as succinctly as possible: e.g. You are warmly invited to see me in the production of XYZ showing from 1-10th July 2014 at the theatre XYZ. Make sure there are FREE tickets for the agents / CD you invite - and ideally email them about a week ahead and think of inviting especially those whose offices are close to your theatre.

CD need actors, if they find a role you may fill you solve their problem so they will be grateful for your message, but be to the point and be their problem solver! They are all human beings - nice human beings :) and if you help them they will be grateful! do not flood them with unnecessary self promo, do not send tons of pictures, do not flood them with constant updates but spare the moment and use the email when you have something great to tell them about.

another way to meet CD and get their contact details (and be noticed by them) is attend industry workshops organised by Actors guild, or several other actors organisations. they do not cost that much (usually 30£ for a 3-4 hour session) and you get to work on great material with other actors, show off your skills in front of a CD and then chat with them usually in a Q & A session. Chose those CD you like best - check their work, check what they are working on now, be proactive. At the end usually they give out their contact details and openly say they do not mind being contacted (after about 10 workshops only one seemed a bit reluctant but we were still encouraged to contact his office after the event so that his assistants would get our contact details etc). These workshops are truly great - you get to read some amazing scripts and hone your skills with other actors - you never know who you meet and what they are working on when you meet them so who knows what comes out after such meetings ? I could not recommend these workshops enough - I know now that when my agent puts me forward for a role, the CD knows who I am when seeing my face. I was very happy when during one of such workshops one quite known CD came up to me and said " it is so good to know you do look exactly like your headshot, I have been seeing your face a lot these days". I now know that I am recognized and remembered, and thanks to the workshop I could help them put my name to a face in person! So get working, get ready to invite the best people in the indutry and then send these invites out and prepare free tickets for your invitees! Another way to approach them is invite them to an industry /school showcase - where you can present your talent in your favourite scenes and really shine in front of the experts. They are not uncontactable robots, they need you just as much you need them - without actors they could not do their job. Casting directors simply love actors so don't be shy, get working, get networking and if you set yourself a goal and find the CDs you want to work with, there is nothing stopping you from making that happen!