How to get people to come to your show

One of the many advantages of Casting Call Pro is that it allows Actors the opportunity to gain experience and credits without representation and if properly utilised can lead to further opportunities.

The majority of registered agents will allow actors the opportunity to invite them to their shows provided enough notice is given. The Actors Yearbook 2013 written by Simon Dunmore provides very helpful information on how to contact an agent and also when to contact an agent.

For many productions Actors will be allowed complimentary tickets for the show? When given this opportunity most actors call an agency they wish to join to see their show so they can get a scope of their abilities and presence. It is very important to remember to Confirm the details with the box office and make sure their seat is reserved.

If available the agency will contact you before hand and tell you the name of the representative or agent they will be sending to see the show so it is important to remember the name and pass it on to the box office so they know who to wait for. On occasions where the agent is not available you can always invite them on another night.

It is very important to remember to only invite 1 Agent per show as it will allow the agent to get to know the Actor personally and on a deep understanding. When you're attentions are focused it becomes easier to relax and apply yourself to who you're talking to.

When inviting a Casting Director to your show it's very important to remember what it is your trying to accomplish. When Casting Directors devise a production they almost always have a clear vision of who it is they want to cast and what you want to do is be the first person who enters their mind and it never hurts to leaving a lasting impression.

When inviting industry professional's always remember to be polite and more importantly be yourself because when making connections because alot of professional relationships are dependent on a natural relationship and a smooth connection to the person you are working with.