How to get the best from profit-share productions

If done with the right attitude profit-share productions can be very helpful for an actor. If you're looking for an agent, get a copy of the contacts book and work your way through and invite the ones you like along. Have a good look at the agents websites and look what sort if jobs they get, where they're based and if they have any actors or actresses that would clash with yourself. This is a good way to work out which ones suit you more. Also if there are any directors, casting directors or companies you would like to work with invite them to see you perform. It's great if you can make yourself known to industry people and if you get an audition with them it makes you more familiar and gives you something to talk about. This is a great way to promote yourself and if they can't make it, you have still made a connection with them which shows you're in work, that you're keen to work with them, hard working and dedicated. You can also invite reviewers along and if industry people can't make it and you get a good review you can send that to them and use it to promote yourself. You can send reviews out, post them on your personal website especially if you're quite shy it's a good way to show you're good at what you do with out directly telling people yourself. Also if you're feeling low as a performer it's nice to gave a read to help you keep yourself motivated. You can also learn so much from profit share productions, you learn from every job and experience, so work hard and remember unlike college you're not paying to be involved. Also be proactive with leafleting and social media to advertise your show and if everyone does this you could earn some cash at the end. From doing a few profit share shows myself I have got more paid work, learnt a lot about the business and myself, met some brilliant contacts, got an agent and have received great reviews including one from the stage. Obviously it can be hard when you're not getting paid to do a show, so if you want to do a profit share try to keep your outgoings to a minimum. For example take packed lunches, research into travel to make sure you're getting the best deal/ticket. If you need to earn during the run there are jobs that will work around your schedule especially telesales companies including RSVP or if you rehearse in the daytime bar work. An amazing company to do a profit share show with is Lazarus theatre company, you learn so much about the industry and about yourself as an artist. Lazarus also have a great reputation and always get reviewers along and provide you with industry complimentary tickets. Make sure you always do your research into the company you're potentially going to work with and take the location of the show into consideration, for example if you want an agent in Central London they're more likely to come to a venue in or near to central London. Don't be afraid to write to the agents even if it's not a Central London production, the worst they can say is no, you're still promoting yourself and showing you're in work and dedicated. If you're in a profit share show take the opportunity to network with the actors involved, the director and anyone involved. The more contacts you have the better, most actors will help you out. Listen to what the team had to say and learn from there experiences, performance and attitudes. Word spreads fast in this industry so work hard, be polite and professional and who know where it will lead you. For new actors profit share productions are a good way to build your CV, get new contacts, promote yourself and get more experience under your belt.