How to get the most from Airbrush compressor and brush

Airbrush is one of the best and most cost effective make ups on the market. Professionally recognized as being excellent for HD its become second nature to use this technique for work.

To get the best from your airbrush here is what I would reccomend:

Look at what your work entails before buying a kit. Do you do mostly in studio? Location? Choose the kit you require. If your working in a studio then you need to invest in something suitable of the task at hand, for location batter operated may be a better choice for convenience.

Make up, yes you can buy and use thinners but why do it? Buy the correct foundation for airbrush and you will see a marked difference in your work.

Silicone or water based: both have their merits my choice is water based, its matte and doesn't require powder.

Learn the basics. Airbrush is a tool and you need to learn the basics, a good basic beauty look will serve you well, learning the basics of airbrush beauty will make a huge difference to your work.