How to get the most from RED ONE and 18-85 Red pro lens camera

Hi I am a cameraman using RED ONE with 18-85 RED Pro lens. It is really good quality lens and also you will be fast to do your job and you do not need to take time for changing the lenses on location where you have limited time for fumling. It is all in one. Also you will get good framing by using zoom lens because you have the chance the to play to different many framing within the minuets where you can another chance to become as good DOP because your framing is going to be good.

If you have prime lens but you could not make a good framing. Again it is minus. So my opinion is if you do not have a primes lens do not worry still you have a good footage with 18-85 but still still you need one more lens which is at least 135 or 300 so you will be fine with your work. This is only who do not have much time and budget for film making and still want to make best with what you have. Again using red one is it little heavy but it is worth other than using any digital on the market. Arri Alexa is good but so many people can not afford it. It i believe it is expense, 4 times more than RED ONE.