How to get the most from Sony Nex VG20E

I own Sony Nex VG20 since last six months and have to say that there is big potential in this design.

There is a lot of things, which could be, improved - luck of such tolls as – control over contrast, saturation, sharpness, but I believe that Sony put on simplicity in use, as you can control all this things in post production. Another difficulty, which I have with this model in limited control over white balance – interior, daylight and manual set up through white board in front of glass, plus possibility of increasing or decreasing warmth for about three steps dose not give me the same control as other cameras with manual setting of Kalvin.

It has still camera’s sensor so of course everyone who is interested in purchasing this model has to consider moire and aliasing problem. However sensor is a very sensitive and 30 step of gain give the opportunity to record really, really nice and clean picture even in extremely low light, without significant noise. The lightning ratio is not as good as in top cameras as Red One, Arri Alexa, or 35 mm film cameras, but definitely is better then any presumer, and many of professional HD cameras – I would say it 7-8 steps (depending from recorded format).

Clean HDMI output allows connecting external video recorder such as Atomos Ninja and recording clean 10-bit rate Apple Pro Res HQ at 220 mbps. Quality of this output is amazing and gives wide control over the colors in post-production.

Additionally camera Nex VG20 has most of features which professional camera operator needs – focus picking and zoom check during record, exposure zebra, even 50 fps record, all these little feature plus ergonomics of the camera make filming much more comfortable then average DSLR camera.