How to get the most from your D&R Octagon-Film mixing console

- 48 canali mono + 8 canali stereo

- Moving Faders

- Matrice d'ascolto 7.1

The D&R Octagon is a 48 buss, dual path in-line format recording and film style mixìng console designed to take the central role in a film sound recording facility.

With up to 64 projects storable, the wasted time between sessions is a thing of the past.

All essential part of the Octagon is its ability to record and mix down in various output formats ranging from mono up to full SDDS formats.

With its digitally controlled software switches you can route any input in the Octagon to a numbet of places and be able to recall all stored setups by a couple of key strokes. This feature alone saves valuable time between sessions.

A first in mixing console technology is Octagon's surround master section with the ability to mix down a 7.1 surround, fully automated.

Easy monitoring of alI surround outputs is standard and automated Joysticks with Virtual Vision makes 360 degrees panning very easy to lay down in the final mix.

Completely modular, Octagon can be configured precisely to suit your particular system requirements. An Octagon standard is the internally wired patch bay that interfaces with all extemal equipment using 25 pin sub D connectors, and chassis mount XLR connectors.

The OCTAGON is D&R's latest digitally controlled analog large multi-format production console. The OCTAGON is aimed at the film and post market as well as serving music recording studio's with multi-format surround sound options. A mixing console that can be configured from a number of modules according to your choice! D&R can even customize your frame size to order. The OCTAGON is the culmination of 32 years of music recording console design in combination with the users feedback from Cinemix customers. With in-depth knowledge of audio post-production the D&R designers have managed to create a new multi-format audio console that combines the advantages of an analog audio path with fast recallable digital control. The result is a highly flexible multi-format console for music recording studios, film mixing studios and post-production houses that are using film style techniques.