How to get your own QR code

Quick Response (QR) codes were originally developed by the car industry to track vehicles and parts. Nowadays they're very accessible and are easily scanned by your smartphone to offer special deals, extra content or even something as basic as business card information. The content behind the scan is highly customisable, making them appealing for actors/presenters to link to contact information or even a showreel.

So how do you actually create your QR code?

1. Decide what you want to say. Make sure your link, website or contact information is suitable for quick mobile access - nobody wants to read an essay on their smartphone.

2. You need to choose a website to generate the code. There are various websites available, most are free and there are some that offer slightly different packages. There are a couple of sites listed below, I haven't tried them all so just make sure your chosen site offers what you want before you sign up.

3. Now you can start to generate your code. The websites all look slightly different but are essentially the same. Choose what you would like the content to be (a link, text, phone number etc). Then you should be able to choose a size for the code - make your choice depending on where you wish to put it.

4. Confirm and generate the code. Click the generate/submit button and await your code!

5. Check that it works! Try it out yourself and get a couple of friends to give it a go before you start publicising it.

6. Share it! Put it on your website, blog, FaceBook profile or save the image so that you can print it on your business card, flyers, posters... Wherever!

Here are a couple of links to some popular sites... (No affiliation or review can be offered).