How to know the difference between doing a theatre audition and a film/TV screen test

The difference between acting for Theatre and acting for screen is a fine line, emotionally. What I mean is that the character has to be in place to be believable whether Theatre, Film or TV. When auditioning for film or TV, you should understand they are looking for profile shots and to give your name and agent to the camera, no acting. Your piece should be focused and not projected, as in Theatre. In other words, at a Theatre audition especially from stage, you have to be heard by the back row of the audience, therefore projection necessary. TV and film, you should know your marks, ask if you are in the correct spot, or they will advise of the mark on the floor, there you stay or not move away from that spot too much. If a monologue, direct most of speech to camera, unless they specify otherwise. As in all auditions, take direction well, that is one factor casting directors look for. So, do not project, lower voice, no over the top actions or cheated movements you can get away with in theatre. You have to be very believable, the character is more realistic. In theatre, you build your character, unless TV sitcom or drama, you have to have your character in place at audition. As still and focused with camera as possible, take your time, but at the same time show all emotion in your eyes. When I first auditioned after Drama school where training focuses in many ways in Theatre, I made the mistake of projecting, when I in fact I hadn't tried, the camera's vibrated due to my voice with the crew smirking as a result. The camera picks up on a lot of action without you being aware, you can concentrate on your role and getting lost in your part, the camera will pick up on your acting, do not over act. Remember, the camera is your audience. When you arrive in the audition room, you should try your best to look the part and even go in with most of your character ready in place. You should know your lines very well, just using the script as a reference should be the only reason the script is with you, in many cases they expect you to look into the camera as the camera is the other person you may be speaking to. Stillness is an advantage, although not the main element, focus is the main element. They say the camera never lies, where screen work is concerned, this is absolutely true. They want to see you act, your face and eyes are also a factor when they consider you for the role. Again remember, the audience is the camera in Screen auditions.