How to know if appearance matters for a talented actor

It is brilliant getting auditions but if you do not dress appropriately for an audition, you may not get the job. Casting directors look for great actors and actresses that fit the characters role, but if they see that you are dressed inappropriately or that you haven't bothered with your appearance, then they probably will not take you seriously.

Usually, the people who want you to audition will contact you via email or phone regarding the audition and its process explaining what is expected of you when you attend it. This usually means your behavior, if you are punctual and the clothes you would be expected to wear at the audition.

There are many different ways to audition such as being with the casting directors face-to-face or on a video if you are unable to make the audition on the day. The casting directors would usually expect you to be dressed smart-casual as they may want you to move freely while auditioning, but want to see that you have made an effort and are serious about your job. I wouldn't recommend any clothes that don't fit the character you are auditioning for's description; if the character you are auditioning for is a teenage girl, consider what clothing they would wear so the casting directors can visualize you playing the role better and make it more age appropriate.

Appearance is very important if you're an actor or an actress as if you do not look like how you would imagine your character to look like, the lines would sound silly and have no purpose. When acting you are expected to get into costume and when auditioning for the character they expect the same. If you are a talented actor then you should consider these prospects without thinking and act and dress professional for the job.