How to know long a casting director will watch your showreel for before making up their mind

As with submitting any sort of showreel or demo you have 15 seconds to wow the person watching.

It takes 15 seconds for someone to decide if you have the stuff! or not.

A casting director will receive tons of these things daily so they don't bother with them for long.

Its 15 seconds and then "next!" or they watch the rest of yours! right?

When doing a showreel or a demo its the very beginning that decides whether or not the viewer (casting director) will continue to watch or listen.

When you have that first 15 seconds ready to jump out at someone and say "hey look at me I am the best person for the job" its then and only then should you even think about passing your showreel on.

Once you have that then you have already won half the battle because you will be ingrained in there minds,not forever though so make sure the rest of the showreel is as good as you can make it but not too long just the bare essentials.

Your showreel is like a CV so there is no point in having stuff on there from 20 years ago.

Its needs to be a s recent as possible and as relevant as possible.

It needs to be something that's shows you at your best and make sure you get that beginning right.

Nothing "should do" in your mind it should be perfect.

If you don't think so then why should they.

Remember 15 seconds!

That's all you have and you are staking your career on this remember? If you show enough people a bad showreel then your name will probably get tarnished along the way.

If the first 15 seconds are terrible you will be remembered, but for a very different reason.

You have 15 seconds to burn your name,your face and your skills into their memory!