How to know what to expect at auditions

The Casting room: the scariest few minutes of an actors job.

With all castings I think actors always think of the worst case scenarios before entering the room... do I know my lines, what if I don't look right, I'm too old etc.

For a start if your being called in to be seen you are what there looking for and want you to be great so they can cast you in the role and stop the hunt.

These top casting directors are not looking for the "perfect" performance they want to see HOW you say the words and your own interpretation of the role. most cases its to meet you in person and get a feel for your personality and looks on camera.

From personal experience I've seen people hired by being a nice human being, working hard and being a good actor. other cases I have seen people cast by looks alone or people they know.

Don't expect anything at auditions, each casting will be different. some people could be in there for ages while being director while others are in and out before you even finished filling the forms in. this is not a bad thing, some people interpret the role well and others need a little guidance. The casting director wants to send your tape with your best performance. if you are good this makes the casting director look good.

You don't normally get asked many questions, its walk in say your lines with possible direction and back out. If you get recalled this will feel more pressurized as more people will be there to watch you, possibly the director or producer. you will be asked to stay longer and play many different scenarios to see how well you take direction. you may or may not have another actor to work with, if the other role has been filled they will be doing "chemistry" reads, this is just to see how well the actors act together.

just forget about everyone else in the room and focus on you, do this and you'll be fine!

Good Luck!