How to know your character type

This is a really tricky question! Every actor that I know, including myself, thinks that they know exactly the sort of roles that they would be able to play. We all have our dream roles. Roles we have wanted to play since we first knew we wanted to act. The reality of it is the parts that we would ideally like to play are not the roles that a casting director would ever consider you for. Be it your too tall or small, wrong voice type, wrong colour hair to name just a few! The best way I have found, is to ask as many people as possible what they could see you as. Ask both friends out of the profession as well as people already working in the profession.

Getting as much advice and suggestions from others will always give you the most truthful opinion of the sort of rules that suit you as a person and as an actor. Someone at drama school gave me some really good advice during my training, realising what your casting bracket is and coming to terms with this as quick as possible will allow you to work as much as possible. Some people can spend years and years chasing after roles which, realistically, you are never going to be cast in!

Don't do this to yourself.

This profession can be difficult enough to break into and to gain consistent work again. At the end of the day we have all chosen this career for our sheer love of performing and I'm sure, like me, when your not on the stage you feel like a little bit of you is missing. It's where we all want to be. So it's important to give yourself all the necessary skills to enable you to get those jobs that you want. A casting director WANTS you to come in and be good an perfect for the role. It makes their lives easier and gets you a job. So know what roles you could realistically play and embrace your casting type! It may not be what you thought yourself. But the truth isn't always a bad thing. Your casting type is individual and special to you!